Each of us comes from the same divine source. Through unity, service, and compassion we can tap into our own potential and in doing so we can take actions that help others to alleviate their suffering. In working with the below organizations and continuously seeking further opportunities for philanthropic collaboration, Yogini Jaima aims to encourage others to engage in acts of compassion and service. This includes teaching and other forms of interaction with the organizations' respective beneficiaries as well as raising awareness among those in the developed world.



The Cambodian Children's Fund
Committed to the idea that each child—regardless of the circumstances of their birth—has a voice capable of elevating the world around them, the Cambodian Children's Fund (CCF) works to provide life-changing education, nourishment, and healing to vulnerable children from some of Cambodia's most destitute communities. In fulfillment of the sponsorship program that rescues impoverished children from crisis situations, Yogini Jaima makes a monthly commitment to one of over 1,200 children currently served by this organization and works with its staff to create opportunities of education and growth. Yogini Jaima's commitment to CCF stems from the visible impact of money donated to its beneficiaries as well as the uniquely successful system of communication between sponsors and children.

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